Maiden with a Dragons Shadow

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Maiden with a Dragons Shadow

Post by Alena0010 on Sun Jan 17, 2016 1:15 pm

Name: Yuna Natsubii
Age: 19
Gender: Female


Character Ability: Maidens Dragonic Will - If another ability is activated, "The Fang of Critias" can be added to your hand from your deck or graveyard.
By channeling your Will, discard a spell card or send a face-down spell card on your field to the graveyard to apply the effect of "Polymerization" for the purpose of a Fusion summon.
If you control a face-up "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", During your Draw Phase, Flip a Coin; If the result is Heads add 1 "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" to your hand instead of your normal Draw.
(using the second clause of this ability causes great amounts of fatigue on Yuna : Using the last clause of this ability causes a temporary loss of a function of Yuna's body once the duel ends exp: Loss of hearing in one ear, inability to move an arm or leg etc)

Deck Name: "Dragon Legacy" - The deck is focused around the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and its Archetype with Dragon Support. "The Fang of Critias" takes home in this deck as Yuna's Guardian in the strange world

Ace Card: The Fang of Critias

Numbers: Number 46: Dragluon, Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy
Deck List

Personality: Yuna is a sweet and friendly girl, often looking for the best traits in people. Raised as a Shrine Maiden since she was  8, Yuna is also very spiritual and often understands things that people would know as strange or occult, though she does still share doubt in somethings. Yuna, despite being raised to be respectful is a very strong Willed Individual and will use everything she has to succeed despite the odds, though she can lose hope if things happen to her closest friends. Sadly in the end her awkward personality and actions make it hard for her to make friends. Once her Psionic abilities awaken, her Shadow is replaced with that of a mighty Legendary Dragon which will come to aid her in her times of need.

Bio: Yuna was left orphaned as an infant , Fortunately for her before she was even able to speak she was adopted by a couple. She was given a nice life and upon her 10th birthday she was introduced to 2 important aspects to her life... keeping Shrines and Duel Monsters. Her Grandmother began showing her the ways of being a  Shrine Maiden, giving her import lessons in the subject, as well as a future job. "The Gods and those others worthy of worship hear selfish plea's and wishes everyday of their existence... But this is natural as we are only human. Remember though Yuna, people can also wish from the good in their hearts and for others. As a Maiden of a Shrine, you must remember to treat it with care and respect and don't forget to pray to them, however. If you do pray to them, make sure you wear your Mask if your prayer is selfish and for your own desire...". Her grandmothers teaching sunk in her but she never let it sit.. mainly due to her grandfather. "Now listen here Yuna! These cards are the soul of the game and your deck is your medium to battle your opponent Haha! Know Yuna, I played a bit but I think a girl like you could appreciate it more than an old man like me. I've spent just a little time building this deck but I'm certain with the spare money you earn, you can buy more cards. Now.. here is how you play the game..". Yuna spent the next 7 years going to school, working her job as a Shrine Maiden and polishing her skills in duel monsters. On her 16th Birthday she was given special cards by her grandfather... mighty monsters known as the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Finally Yuna gained a theme for her deck and in her free time she began to quickly rise in the ranks of top duelists among st her and her friends.
One day after school, she got dressed for her next session of Keeping a shrine... it was that faithful day she wandered into High Peak academy to pick up something before she went to the Shrine that everything changed for her.


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