Some dragons I tell ya man.

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Some dragons I tell ya man.

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Appearance Info:

Ignore the spear, rest is accurate. Akio is a human, backstory will explain the silly mishap that led to the current state of things. Currently stands about five feet tall. And yes I have no good reason to not just make him a normal person. You'll totally hardly even notice he's all that different, like for real yo. Trust me dawg.
Name: Akio Hisakawa
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Character Skill:

Blessing of the Yang Zing: All Dragon-Type monsters in Akio's possession are also treated as Wyrm-Type monsters regardless of location on the field, deck, extra deck, graveyard or banished. Once per turn if there is a Wyrm-Type synchro monster in his graveyard he can target one Wyrm-Type Tuner monster in the graveyard and special summon it and one non-tuner Wyrm type monster in the graveyard and shuffle it into the deck. Additionally once per turn he can change the attribute of one face-up Yang Zing Monster.
Deck Type: Yang Zing + Dragon Synchros
Ace Card: Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing
Deck: Dragonbums


Akio is a generally nice guy with a bit of a sarcastic streak he can't always contain. He's polite to others while a bit snarky about some of the dumb or silly decisions they tend to make. He likes to keep things calm and operates off of common sense and can get irritable when others don't think things through very well. This can lead to some rather prolonged bickering at times. He values order and predictability so the everyday grind of life without too much fluctuation from day to day suits him very well. While others disliked the monotony of school he quite enjoyed the feel of security in knowing what he'd be doing.

He makes friends easily enough. He's not one to jump at the chance to befriend someone but isn't shy about doing so. He tends to prioritize similar interests and views on topics of discussion for things he looks for in a potential friend. Akio's a bit on the nerdy side of things but always enjoyed making himself out to be some sort of hipster when it came to the things he liked. That said he still very much watched/played/read and enjoyed mainstream things.

He takes an easy and positive approach to life while commenting on the stupid things going on around him. It takes a fair bit to get him feeling down but when he is feeling bad he's not one to try and hide it. He's open with friends and family and offers them the same openness with him as he's surprisingly good at helping people out from time to time, sarcastic snips aside. He enjoys helping others out but doesn't make it a point to seek out opportunities. He likes life simple and tries to get others to keep it that way.


Akio lived a very average life in Japan and attended the World's Peak Academy for the entirety of his education. He always took a sort of lazy, relaxed approach to school seeing as it wasn't too hard for him to get decent grades on things. There was nothing really to complain about in his life. Maybe his mom nagged him a little more than he would have liked but maybe that's just moms for you. He managed to skate a weird line between the nerdy side and the average popular side of things. His interests very much leaned toward him being your typical nerd but he knew how to hang with the cool kids when he cared to.

Having joined a few clubs there was one that eventually showed him a newer trading card game called Duel Monsters which he and his friends played for a bit. They loved poking fun at some of the cards. When they got word of preliminary designs for things called Yang Zings they all couldn't help but laugh a little at just the name. But Akio couldn't help but take it a bit further. He talked like these dragons were some sort of deities for a religious movement and it quickly became a joke among his group of friends when duel monsters was brought up to pray to the Yang Zing for this or that.

One day Akio and his friends were poking fun at furries like they did to everything. And of course the Yang Zing joke came up. Akio mockingly asked the Yang Zing to make him a real furry which got a laugh out of everyone. It wasn't too much later into the day when things started going very wrong at the Academy. As it was Akio was relatively high up in the building when things seemed to be shaking. He felt something driving him to the roof of the building as a pain in his chest set in and increased with intensity. It wasn't long before he blacked out from the feeling.

Upon waking up something was very clearly wrong. Everything about the city seemed different, almost in ruins. Perhaps more immediately alarming was the presence of several dragons all hovered around him that looked almost like they were eagerly awaiting his awakening. As he sat up one addressed him claiming to be Baxia, the Brightness of the Yang Zing. Recognizing the name as referencing Duel Monsters he quickly realized there were other creatures roaming around that resembled cards he'd seen. Questioning what had happened the Yang Zing had no explanation other than his wish had been granted.

For the life of him Akio couldn't think of what they were talking about. As he scratched his head he noticed an awful lot of hair on his arm. And upon examining his hand there was something decidedly different. Quickly he stood to examine himself and with the help of a nearby puddle he saw his appearance had entirely changed to that of some anthropomorphic animal and to boot he was naked. The Yang Zing mentioned they appreciated that he had prayed to them and treated them with such respect as they hadn't counted on any human giving them such treatment so they had granted his wish for him. Noticeably freaked out and outraged he demanded to be changed back but got nothing other than vague answers as to why that couldn't be done.

After finding the material to fasten the makeshift loincloth he currently wears and calming down a bit about what had happened to him he did his best to try and calm down about everything. The Yang Zing informed him that they would aid him in battle for his time in their realm and Akio received the deck he currently uses. He remembered he hadn't been alone on the roof and figured maybe he could find some other people who had been at the academy that day and figure out what was going on. So he set out to find anyone else he could, all the while bickering with Baxia to change him back. Maybe they'll do it for him one day.
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