General Rules

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General Rules

Post by Supreme Commander on Wed Jan 13, 2016 2:40 pm

1. Only ONE character per person. (Ofcourse, with an exception for me and NPCs, and maybe other people if I end up needing help)
2. Monsters can be Normal Summoned in face-up Defense Position. (Yes I did take it from Kumori's rules, fight me)
3. The Mulligan rule is in effect, so if you don't like your initial draw, you can reshuffle your hand and draw 5 again. This can only be used once a duel. (Likewise)
4. Try not to be an extreme faggot and be as nice to others a possible (Even if I know some of you won't follow this rule)
5. No godmodding, ofcourse.
6. I'm not Adolf Hitler so I won't forbid you from doing cool stuff but it'd still be nice if I was informed before someone decides to do something crazy like eat another player.
7. Try to keep your deck fun to play both with and against, that means don't just pack every trap card with dimension in it's name just because.
8. Just because you're a protagonist or in an important fight it doesn't mean you have to win. As such, players are generally not allowed to "plot draw" a card into their hand or use plot as an excuse to cheat the game into their win. Everyone's bound to lose at an important moment once in a while so you'll have to deal with it. The only expection is if it's an important duel and you've been forsaken by our lord almighty RNGesus, in which case you may redraw your current hand mid-duel. Only once per duel, only if you've been getting extremely unlucky all duel.
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