Decklist Rules

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Decklist Rules

Post by Supreme Commander on Wed Jan 13, 2016 2:41 pm

Main Deck:
2x Level 4 and lower monsters
2x Level 5 and higher Archetype monsters
1x Level 5 and higher Non-Archetype monsters

2x Archetype Spells
1x Non-Archetype Spells
2x Archetype Traps
1x Non-Archetype Traps

Extra Deck:
1x Anything

Exceptions to the above are monsters that need more copies of themselves or other cards. In which case, unless the card states that it needs 3 cards (Like Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon allowing you to have 3 Blue-Eyes), you are allowed a second copy of the card (For example, one may have two copies of Wavering Gaze). A fusion centered deck may have up to 3 copies of regular Polymerization.


1. A deck may contain only one mass destruction/removal spell or trap card. Cards that belong to the deck's main archetype bypass this limit.
2. Number cards are special and one Number card may not be owned by more than one person.
3. Archetypes are not shareable, an archetype may only be used by one person. With some special cases listed below.
4. No archetype mixing unless it really makes sense and & or the archetype you decided to pick doesn't have enough cards to give you a full monster lineup.
5. Signer & Duel Dragons are special, only one Signer and or Duel Dragon per person.
6. If someone somehow finds a reason to be able to, a person may have only one type of Mirror Force in their deck.
7. No stall decks, (This means you don't make your messager of peace exodia/final countdown turbo just saiyan)
8. A card can be requested to be considered special and not shareable if it's important to the character (Try not to go crazy and request stuff like Kaiser Colosseum to be made special)
9. Any card with an evolution is considered special.

Special cases that are exception to the no share rule:
- Elemental Hero (With a split between Masked Heroes, Omni Heroes and Anime Heroes. One person may not have both unless no other player shows interest towards having any of the others)
- Utopia, Signer Dragons & Duel Dragons (Just because someone has the Duel Dragon version of Stardust doesn't mean someone else can't have the Signer Dragon Stardust Dragon and so on. These cards can be used by two people and are split into their manga and anime evolution paths. For example, Stardust goes into Quasar while Spark goes into Sifr. Anime Utopia goes into Hope Dragoon, and Manga Utopia goes into Hope Kaiser and so on. You aren't limited to just anime or manga paths and may mix them but only if you discuss it with the other person shownig interest towards those cards)
- Zefra/Sephira (A Zefra/Sephira user is able to use the archetypes it's composed of without restriction, and does not prevent other people from using the archetypes.)
- More to come.
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