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Mass amounts of BM

Post by Dementuo on Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:02 pm

Name: Refia Crescent
Age: 16
Gender: gurl

Deck Type: Future Vision (Spellbooks)
Ace Card: Magical Erudite Junon (High Priestess of Prophecy), World of Prophecy
Number(s): Number 11: Big Eye

Character Skill: Frozen in Time - Once per turn, during either player’s turn: Banish any number of Spell cards from your graveyard; Banish the same number of cards you control. At any time during the same turn, you may return any card banished from the field through this effect to its owner’s control in the same position it was originally. Monsters returned to the field this way cannot attack this turn.

Personality: Refia could be considered something of a theatrical person. She has a natural affinity for the dramatical, and a wholehearted interest in the talents of others, especially when those talents are being shown off. She likes to encourage others to display their best traits proudly and to make the most of their inherent gifts, taking no pause in showing off her own skills (sometimes a little too much). She makes a habit of trying to divine the fortunes of every person she meets, and is well-known throughout the Academy for offering tarot readings (first time is free!).

Somewhat contrary to her future-seeing abilities, she does accept the idea that her readings can be wrong, and the future can be changed by the exertion of will from particularly influential individuals. That is to say, while she can peer into the future, she also believes the future can be changed if enough effort is made to do so (she once foresaw herself fall down a flight of stairs so she stayed home the entire day).

At the best of times, she can be a reliable girl who will literally see you through till the end. At the worst of times, she can be a showoff and a bit of a goofball.

“I never ‘misplay’, I just BM.”

Miracle Child:
Refia came into the world through nothing short of a miracle. Her family lived in poverty, barely able to fend for themselves, when Refia was first conceived. By the time she was due, her parents ended up pushed to the edge of losing everything just to deliver her properly. Even then, there were complications, and Refia came into the world silent, unbreathing. Her parents waited in agonizing worry as their doctor resuscitated her, and after nearly five minutes, life was breathed into the child, truly a miracle.

And life would only continue to look up for Refia and her family. Shortly after, having given up everything to ensure Refia’s safe delivery, an unexpected charity fund was given to the slums Refia’s family resided in, and they and many other families were given a second chance at life, a chance to make their way in the world. Through those charity funds, new businesses opened and provided jobs for the residents of the area, and soon the previously dirt-poor families found themselves with steady income. Refia’s parents in particular managed to get in on an exceptionally well-paying job, and they rose from poverty to a much more livable lower-middle class.

As Refia grew up, she began to take an interest in fortune telling and the related Major Arcana, picking up a Tarot deck for herself and practicing readings with it. A bit to her surprise, and only adding to the sense of wonder, many of her readings would come true- A foretold misstep when walking to school, a large yen bill found on the ground, and on one occasion, a promotion for her father’s job. Wherever she went, Refia would end up just a tad luckier than most, and she would always thank her tarot readings for that luck.

After a few years, Refia’s parents enrolled her into World’s Peak Academy, after it opened to their area. More than happy to go, Refia gladly anticipated the new experiences that would no doubt come from the ambitious school system, especially with the good reputation it had gotten around her area. Being sure to consult her tarot readings, Refia happily awaited the event her reading had fortold; A fateful encounter that would lead her to many new friendships.


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