"Wet those Pitch-Black Wings"

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"Wet those Pitch-Black Wings"

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"I am lightning... the rain transformed."

Double Action - Sword Form

Name: Kushinada Tsurugi
Age: 17
Gender: grill

Ace Card: Assault Black Feather - Raikiri the Sudden Shower/Sky Excalibur (Black-Winged Dragon and Beelze/Beelzeus reserved)
Deck Type: "Regalia of Black Thunder" - A nesting grounds for avian creatures titled by their color - "Blackwing", that pride themselves on a swarm focus with an array of tactics involving effect damage, stat manipulation, field clearing, and massive power gaining. They sport the utility and power to emphasize the level of their great speed, championing Synchro Summon above all to bridge into trump cards. In a storming charge, they sweep away all that is deemed a hindrance with the ace of the Assault Corps: Raikiri. Revival tactics are favored with Hawk Joe and Sohaya, more plays come forth with Nothung, and their potential can skyrocket even further with the sword that slices the heavens in twine. An answer to nearly every situation lies within the power of these Dark Attributed heroes, and they can only grow into new ones. Dragons loom over the horizon, the Sky Excalibur has been drawn.
Deck List

Character Skill: "Black Sword - Heaven-Earth Thunder" - All your DARK Dragon-Type monsters are always treated as "Blackwing" monsters. At the start of your Standby Phase, you may declare "Raimei no Ichigeki" ("One Strike of Lightning"). If you do, during this turn, you can only attack with one monster, and the Special Summon of Synchro Monsters cannot be negated. When you Special Summon a monster, you can equip 1 "Sky Excalibur" from your Deck to it. If your Life Points are 1000 or less, you can discard 1 card to equip it from your Graveyard instead. All of your monsters will inflict piercing damage and "Sky Excalibur" cannot be targeted by your opponent's card effects. If your opponent's Life Points are not 0 at the end of this turn, you lose the game. ("Raimei no Ichigeki" is locked until Kusanagi is unlocked.)

Personality: Kushinada is a somewhat reserved girl who, while not against companionship, would like to keep matters to herself if given the choice. She has a fascination for mythology, and wishes to pour the majority of her focus into it, if possible. If it isn't anime or something of the like, that is. While she could be classified as an Otaku, "Nerd" is probably more accurate. Shinto mythology, or simply Japanese Divinity is an absolute favorite, finding inspiration in the legend of the Rising Sun's creation by Izanagi and Izanami, the birth of Susanoo and others after that, and so on. It's not a religious pursuit, more of a simple interest. With a love for swords and basic protagonists that sport katanas and spew cool one-liners or chants with ridiculous theme music combined with it, Tsurugi yearns to be a kind of hero that can be admired for simplistic things that just seem cool. Without a rhyme or reason needed, simply because it is cool.

Of course, she wouldn't let that dream of hers slip out. Being one of the exemplary students of World's Peak Academy, being hooked by such trivial rubbish is plenty to destroy a decent scholarship. As such, the girl is very distant from teachers, and even more so fellow classmates with higher grades. Friends tend to be members of the lower and less gifted percentages, as they can at least enjoy anime and manga as well without ratting each other out to faculty. Much worse if her family would figure out, so she opts to keep her laptop and cellphone on her personage instead of using a desktop of any sort. A TV isn't even trustworthy in the household, and this only further strains any sort of relationship she can have with blood or peers of her same level.

Has a grand interest in fine, Japanese steel. Regalia and weapons of legend or even just seeing powerful arms forged by blacksmiths gets her excited enough to warp her into a daydream of being a super hero. An amazing fantasy she'd like her name to live up to - "Tsurugi". Not for the clan, but for the role of a protagonist. Notes that lightning adds more flash to your Shounen ability, and speaks that most horribly written cliches can and will happy to everyday life. World's Peak already proved that for her. Strangely enough, the woman would argue being a realist is actually someone who acknowledges realistic truths in fiction due to this.

Anime is real:
"You who desecrate this Land of the Rising Sun! With my advent, I..."

"I said my sword was a tool of justice."

"With my strongest, I'll defeat your strongest!"

All of these quotes led to one conclusion: "Anime is real..." was whispered by a soft, feminine voice hidden within the darkness of her room in a rainy night, illuminated only by the lights of a small laptop and a large, flat plasma-screen television up on the wall. And this is how most nights went for childhood to adolescence. Kushinada is a gifted child born in the strict Tsurugi clan's household, having been expected to be the heiress of the clan's future. However, after showing absolutely no interest throughout her entire life, the heads of the family decided to drop it, and approach a new angle. In the meantime, a little girl dabbled in worlds upon universes of fantasy. A secret from parents - their little precious gift from above was growing up into an Otaku. Those big, illuminous yellow eyes were glued to the internet and high definition broadcasting. That statement she clung onto was just her way of getting further absorbed into it.

Seeing those of the Tsurugi blood filled with expectations and disappointment for the daughter that should've been interested in the throne, the child found herself becoming a bit of a recluse. Just like your every day shounen, she was a brilliant student who couldn't relate to many of her peers, if any at all. It quickly got to the point where she wouldn't come out of her room. After all, all these fictional characters would be her friends. The number of "husbandos" she had quickly got out of control. There were just so many handsome boys in anime. Kushinada claimed life was awful when she felt like a mistake for not pursuing a predetermined destiny, and the majority of advice she'd get is "just deal with it" or "you could always run away". So, the family called for assistance from... her grandfather.

First of all, the old man sliced the door open with a sword.

His granddaughter was, of course, completely terrified. However, he sat down and began to explain that it was an ancient heirloom passed down from samurai generations, believed to be a treasure - a Regalia of the Shinto gods. The man lied, saying it had the strength and ferocity to slice a volcano in two with one slash. Yet, the young lass bought it. Soon enough, the two were laughing heartily, and the elder shared stories of the Rising Sun's divinity. More about his very much favored Sengoku era, and even discovering her joy for fiction to further catch her attention. It was not for the purpose of luring her into the Tsurugi throne, oh no. It was merely to get his grandchild to smile around someone again - someone who wasn't behind a monitor.

Left with a book on Shinto pantheon's history, everyone was happy to see her picking up interest in something they could approve of. They'd never be happy with anime or video games, but information of the land's gods was good enough. Unfortunately, this led her to become more and more attached to the "crazy" grandpa with a bunch of dangerous armaments and his made-up stories. During this time, an actual fact was revealed: he helped name her. "Kushinada", the wife of Susano'O - god of the seas and storms. One of Japan's firstborn gods, he got her to feel she was important. However, worse off, he kept her intrigued. This little growing obsession with the Japanese pantheon and the Sengoku era got her into wanting to use a sword. Now that was a very real problem. The clan certainly didn't want her waving around fine steel that she didn't know how to properly wield, and didn't even want her to properly wield it as it is.

Alas, dear ol' grandpa couldn't say no to the little tyke.

"Why would you like to use the sword?" He would ask.

"Cool people wield swords and spew cooler one-liners! I wanna be a hero with a sword and my very own catchphrase!"

Yes, anime is truly real. Or at least, it will be with this child.

She was gifted a sword dubbed "Raikiri" - the blade that cut lightning. That further relied her up, and she even took it home with her. It was special, proof that anime can be real, and proof that people in reality - just her grandfather really - are as kind as the protagonist's personal teachers are. Sharing their wisdom, techniques, believing in their power born not of a "destiny", but their talent and desire. "If you want to be strong, you are sure to make it", wise Sensei would tell. Even though those back home didn't want her with it, she guarded it from them with her life. ... Well, actually, she just screamed and yelled and wouldn't let anyone have it. Due to fear of getting accidentally cut by the shrieking youth, they gave in. They made no attempt to bother breaking in to get it, as they became fully aware that her grandfather was supporting a dangerous future.

Highschool years at World's Peak Academy seemed to disagree. Kushinada's grades were above average, yet, those same brilliant peers who treated those academically challenged like dirt lived in a far more miserable world than her own. The woman argued that the better you did with marks, the more pressure you get. Excelling and obtaining top marks - worst of all consecutively - would result in expectations one could not humanly meet. When they fell, the ridicule they'd face would be worse than death. Instead, Kushinada kept her scores high to make the Tsurugi clan proud, but intentionally never let herself further. "Just enough to pass by", she'd put it. This earned her some disgust from delinquents, who saw it as looking down on them. Others saw it as an opportunity to make a friend out of one of World Peak's brightest. Particularly, a girl named Natsuki became her best friend after Kushinada helped skyrocket her grade and keep it at a constant "good" instead of "excellent".

More importantly, these "lowlies" students - the higher floored ones would call them - had similar interests to her own. That being, anime, manga, and video games. This was the chance to put all those hours of mindlessly watching repeating cliches and grandfather's training to practice. She bragged about her knowledge of fiction, and showed off that sword - "Raikiri" - to them. Adding a showcase of her skill against the air, she became a hero to these nerds.

A heroic nerd.

The leader of nerds.

The protagonist of Otakus.

"Ever since I was little, I've always wanted to be a cool hero who had a hella rad catchphrase. Maybe to challenge the big bad? Or maybe a chant for a finishing move."

Life went on pretty well. Kushinada and Natsuki found themselves often traveling back to their neighborhood during the rain, an oddity of the weather they questioned, but didn't let deter them. Rainy days were best, according to the protagonist. It felt soothing, or set the mood for an amazing battle. That, or is a dramatic death flag... or is after the death. Regardless, it was nice. The sound of distant thunder was not. Neither was the reminder that it was supposed to be more of a stormy day. Natsuki was a bit panicked, knowing the small metallic tip of their umbrellas could attract lightning. Kushinada, chill as usual, told her not to worry. Besides, it was either keep the umbrellas, or get wet and catch colds with the long way they had to go. Natsuki praised Kushinada for being so calm about it, and the girl replied that keeping one's cool is simply the way of calm and reserved protagonists. ... Then quickly admitted that she was scared of the idea of lightning hitting them, so they hurried along.

The two doofs got distracted and started playing in the rain like they were kids.

Then, the moment Kushinada's beliefs came true were upon them. Natsuki has picked up her umbrella, and a bolt of lightning was attracted to it almost immediately. Yet... for that which moves at the speed of light, Kushinada could see it almost moving in slow motion. Without thinking, she instinctively pushed Natsuki out of the way, and knocked the umbrella away as well. What would that do if it was coming for them? Feeling as if time was moving slower and slower, nearly stopping, the woman turned to face the descending lightning, and... raised her hand?

For an instant, an entity with a single black wing and a sword raised in hand flashed beside the challenger of nature.

The hand and the sword moved together - forward to cut the lightning in half, and have it strike a good distance at two spots in the pavement instead of once in their location. Time sped up then, flowing normally. The girls held their breath, wide-eyed in disbelief of what just occurred. They weren't the only ones, as many others, including the fathers of the two. Kushinada took a look at her hand, and it was bruised, but not bleeding or burned. After a few moments of shock, she screamed excitedly. Not out of pain, fear, or relief, but joy. "Impossible" was just cut in half by her hand. Like the legendary sword Raikiri, that hand was "Lightning Cutter". Natsuki got up and cheered too, never mind the fact that they nearly died. They hugged and bounced giddily in the rain, leaving everyone else still in awe.

So began the talk of "The Girl Who Cut Lightning". Naturally, some already referred to her as some kind of freak, but others - namely her family - started giving her the respect she deserved. Her grandfather was rather ecstatic. No one could figure out how she did it, and still can't to this day. All she wanted to do was respond with "anime is real" being the explanation, but refrained. That wasn't the last time she cut lightning in half with her hand either, as she was even put under tests with lightning rods attracting stray bolts for her to display her skill. "Light" traveling seemed to slow down for her eyes ever since then. And as a treat to further her capabilities, her grandpa allowed her a duel of swords.

And he certainly didn't play fair, as he even went out of his way to break Raikiri apart.

Poor lass almost started crying, until the elder placed a hand on her shoulder, saying she didn't need it anymore. Her arm was already a better forged weapon. The old teacher decided to show her a hidden altar in his dojo. Within it was a sword shrine that was missing the sword. The shrine was bathed in what felt like heavenly light and warmth. A new legend was told, one that felt more fact than the majority of grandfather's tales. Like King Arthur, only a certain kind of person could pluck the blade from this place. One who could slash apart the lightning, divide the heavens, and destroy all evil in a single strike. "Sky Excalibur" was the name of a new era's "Totsuka Blade". One who could wield Raikiri, Kusanagi, and another sword all at once. He implied she would be the one to pull out the "Sky Excalibur", and hearing that she could grow even more had her holding her chin up toward the future.

"Kushinadahime", the woman who was saved by Susano'O in Shinto lore could be seen as a new woman living in the reverse of that legend. This girl who would wield a sword from the Sengoku era, the Imperial Regalia Kusanagi used by the god himself, along with another that could end calamity in a single strike of lightning is now to hold a new brand of Totsuka Blade. All she could think about was being an award winning protagonist - a popular heroine in the land of the Rising Sun. One born in the rain, as that was the moment she felt everything was possible.

"I am lightning, the rain transformed", was the line she thought of.

All while the raven-winged swordsman who could not be seen watched her from behind - like a guardian angel.

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