"Steadfast" Stallion

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"Steadfast" Stallion

Post by Rawkobo on Thu Jan 28, 2016 6:44 am

(You're damn right I went there.)

Name: Kunio Masanori
Age: 20
Gender: What else, but a man's man?

Ace Card: Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo/Goyo Emperor
Deck: "What it Means to be a Man!!" - A Goyo/Superheavy Samurai deck. Kunio follows the motive that the only necessary tactic is brute forcing his way through every situation. Why bother with magic and traps when you can just punch, after all? Of course, being so battle-hardened, he's learned to adapt to the opponents' own trickery with the Steadfast Dueling style, powering his way through with sheer immobility. He aims to use his Samurai talents to make a path for Susanowo or the Emperor of his Goyo subclan, such that he can seize their assets to completely overwhelm them.

Character Skill: "You Will Know My Name!" - Once per duel, during your Main Phase, you may choose one:

  • Target 1 "Superheavy Samurai" monster you control. Name a level 1-12. That monster becomes that level and a Tuner monster until the End Phase.
  • Target 2 EARTH Synchro monsters you control; perform a Fusion Summon using those two monsters as Fusion Material.

When the effect of this skill resolves, your graveyard is treated as having a Spell/Trap card in it until the end of your opponent's next turn.

Personality: Not exactly an ace student, Kunio Masanori is more a man of his traditions. In fact, the only classes he's doing well in are physical education and Japanese history, two of the only subjects worth his time. Having been unable to graduate multiple times, it's not boding well for the young man who puts himself forth as a figure of justice and valor. Yet, he doesn't care. A grin on his face and determination boiling in his blood, he wants to prove to the rest of the students that sticking to his guns has been worth it.

Despite his piping hot blood, and coincidentally, striking good looks, Kunio is a bit of a dolt when it comes to others, especially women. Seeing people just as people, it's clear he takes his own body and strength for granted at times, and where others marvel at these feats, he simply keeps on, as if nothing significant has just occurred. Still, his willingness to befriend others is not to be trifled with; after all, who wouldn't want a musclehead as a bodyguard in these times?

My future is what I make of it, dammit!:
The Masanori family is a family of workers of many trades. Some were soldiers. Others were merchants. Even more were blacksmiths and pottery-makers. A long line of earthly talents in his blood, Kunio grew up, of all things, a glassblower in his village.

Despite this long ancestry, the Masanori family was not rich. The simple life was all they could afford. Nevertheless, they spoiled their children as best they could, providing them with the highest quality of local goods they could afford. This happened to include some wooden swords, which Kunio and his neighbors used to practice the art of war and combat with. After all, it was his dream to become a warlord of great honor, like his great-grandfather, Osamu.

Approaching his teen years, Kunio was presented with an opportunity to leave the village and become educated at a place known as World's Peak Academy. While not exactly a promising name for a military school of any kind, Kunio's parents accepted the opportunity and sent their son off to live in the area of the school with as much as they could give him, and bade him farewell with many blessings and good tidings upon him. The young man had high hopes for his future.

Then the first year of school happened. A complete and utter disaster.

Not wanting to inform his parents, Kunio refused to return home, and instead, as best he could, kept in contact with his parents by mail, promising them he was doing excellently. Day after day, month after month, year after year, he managed to keep up this charade as he continued to struggle in school.

When he thought his hopes was bleak, he made the decision to hone his body. Purchasing a real, lengthy katana of his own, Kunio built up such a muscly body that he managed to overcome his depression and once again have his cheery, childish outlook on life.
Yes, alongside other students at the Academy, he was going to find his own way, and become that warlord he so desperately wanted to be.

The Justicar of the Masanori Clan would once again have a true man under the helmet.


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