"Tied Up By The Strings Of Fate, An Unfortunate Outcome."

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"Tied Up By The Strings Of Fate, An Unfortunate Outcome."

Post by Your Mom on Tue Jan 19, 2016 7:42 am

Touma Kuyo
A Male?
:Character Skill:
"You Can Avoid This Fate!"
Twice per duel Touma is allowed to add a "Phantom" card from his Banished Realm directly to his hand, of course he cannot use this ability twice during the same turn, and a additional requirement of him not currently having any monsters in hand also has to be set.
:Deck Type:
"Phantasmal Incarnation"
Phantom Knights, Phantom, Evilswarm, Dark
:Ace Card:
Dark Spectral Exceed Dragon(Dank Rebellin Exceed Draggin)


85 : Hellish Box Of Unknown Fates (Crazy Box)

48: Phantasmic Reaper Of The End (Shadow Lich)

Touma is a man that has hope in humanity and doesn't at the same time, his hopes are put into the real hard-working people and not the ones that do nothing most of the time (a.k.a himself half the time). He's surprisingly particularly calm in situations where danger is seething everywhere and Death nears closer and closer, mainly due to the fact he still has suicidal tendencies as well as anti-social ones. Constantly hindered by the fact he cant properly communicate with others normally due to his current "Mute" state from a failed suicide attempt he somehow always manages to keep a whiteboard and dry erase marker on him even though his writing is considered as strange in wording.
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