Most Popular Girl of World's Peak Academy

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Most Popular Girl of World's Peak Academy

Post by EternalNui on Mon Jan 18, 2016 7:37 am

Undead Enemy
Mad Dance (RDA Theme)

Name: Rose Blaise
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Character Skill: During Rose's Draw Phase, if she has no cards in her hand and she draws an Infernity monster, she can discard the monster, then draw 1 more card. This can only be done once a Draw Phase. The card added by this skill cannot be sent to the graveyard, activated, summoned, or banished till the end of your opponent's next turn.
Deck Type: Infernity
Ace Card: Red Dragon Archfiend
Number(s): None

Infernal Demons

Personality: Rose is charming, friendly and a flirt when she wants to keep the attention of the students and teachers on her. However if these traits doesn't win someone over, she resorts to more cruel and vicious methods. She will stop at nothing to be seen as beautiful and keep her popularity. Deep inside though, is a burning drive to compete and win games and competitions, make real friends and maybe even a real boyfriend that would see who she was under the masquerade and be her old self But her need for popularity forces her to drive that side of her down.

Biography: Rose was your average looking tomboy child. She had no special traits she would say is beautiful or stands out. Yet this never phased her during her childhood. She would focus on playing games and beating the boys in everything they said a girl couldn't do. The boys however  began bullying her and saying she was no girl but a boy and she never will be. She had did her best to never pay any attention to the bullying but as the years went by, it slowly ate at her. When she finally went up to middle school level, she came into the academy a new person. She had changed her appearance. She was no longer the tomboy that would beat boys in their kind of games. Rose had transformed into a beautiful girl. She had changed her outfit style, her manner of walking, speaking, her personality even going so far as to wear a wig to hide her short boyish hair.

Rose was happy. Boys wanted to date her, girls either admiring her or envying her wanted to be 'friends' with this new Rose, and some teachers gave her special treatment. Rose had become the most popular girl of her generation area. No longer did they treat her or call her a boy. This slowly pushed away her love for winning games and competitions. Now to Rose, keeping this popularity was all that matter. At first that wasn't hard, but eventually she notice more girls attempting to take her spotlight. Rose would have none of that. It started out as simple attempts to sabotage these girls, eventually it became more and more cruel. There was almost nothing she would not resort to just to make sure these hussies knew their place and knew she was and always will be the prime jewel of the academy. This lifestyle went on even to high school level. Rose would do whatever it took to keep herself beautiful, and make everyone know that, while she slowly killed the real her, the burning soul that hid beneath the mask of beauty she had put on, waiting to be released onto the world once more.

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