White Reaper! The End of Absolution!

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White Reaper! The End of Absolution!

Post by Zane on Mon Jan 18, 2016 12:13 am

Character Skill:

Absolute End
"During the end phase, If 3 or more LIGHT Machine Monsters with "Cyber" in its name are destroyed by a card effect controlled by your opponent or by battle and if you control no monsters: Pay half your life points and Special Summon 1 Machine Fusion Monster from the Extra Deck, then banish as many Machine monsters equal to the number of monsters listed as fusion materials, then if the monsters banished have the same name as all of the monsters listed as fusion materials, draw 2 cards. It's effects are negated and is unaffected by cards you control. At the beginning of your end phase, if the monster summoned by this effect did not destroy a monster by battle, immediately banish this card and you take damage equal to its original ATK."

Deck Type: Cyber Mechlight (Light Machines that revolve around the Cyber Dragons and Cybernetic Archetype)
Ace Card: Cyber End Dragon
Number(s): N/A
Cyber Evolution!

Personality: Hyde is calm, collected, and well-mannered. He enjoys life and has an easy-going attitude. Hyde is also notably shy around people unless he really feels he can trust them. He loves to engage in his hobbies especially dueling because he feels it's a way to improve and to find out more about himself. Hyde is often entertained by the idea of finding someone whom he can compete with and to push himself to always get better. He's very attached to his deck, especially his ace monster(s), as he indicates that summoning it means he's playing at his absolute form. Hyde is also very prideful which also serves as his core flaw: never backing down from a challenge regardless if there's a high possibility of him losing. Although he takes his losses as a way to get better and to improve so that he won't lose again. His dueling style reflects this as he likes to feel his opponent out and then overwhelm them with his signature cards: getting them out through any means necessary.

Hyde is the son of the prestigious Seishiro Family. He was brought up to always achieve excellence and that failure was never an option even if you have to risk it all. Hyde met to his family's expectations but soon found himself bored and lost sight of his value and meaning. However, due to his performance in many fields such as kendo, martial arts, culinary, academics, and more, Hyde's father decided to reward him, although many of his family members were against it. Hyde wasn't sure what he wanted yet and held onto the offer until the time was right. Hyde would soon be enrolled in World's Peak Academy since his father felt he should strive to figure out what it is that Hyde wants to do with his life.

One day at the age of 13, Hyde wandered into a game shop and saw a group of kids playing Duel Monsters, it was there he learned of the game, sparking an interested and becoming involved in the game. He told his dad about the game and his dad was amazed that his son found an interest in something for himself, and decided to help him expand his interest. The very next day, they both arrived at the shop and purchased a whole assortment of cards to be carried back to their manor. Pack after pack, Hyde pulled card after card, organizing them by their rarity until he came across a card that would change everything for him: Cyber Dragon. However, his family found out about the cards and took them away, saying they were a waste of time and had them burned, crushing his spirit.

Finally, the day came where Hyde would finally move out on his own. At the airport, Hyde's father asked him if he ever figured out what he wanted his reward to be. Hyde simply stated nothing before it was time for him to get on his flight. Hyde was then told that his father would not be able to accompany him to their new place just yet and was given a small tin box, telling him not to open it til he got on the plane. Hyde said goodbye to his father, taking his seat next to the window, he stared out as he saw his father get into his car and drive away. Hyde looked at the tin box and popped it open. He saw a phone, a note, keys, a debit card, and a small box with a note on it. He took the note and read it.

"Do your best, have fun, and make me proud~"

Hyde opened the box and saw deck with the front card: Cyber Dragon. Shuffling through the cards, he saw other various cards that looked similar to the Cyber Dragon, as he passed each card, a tear rolled down his face and a long forgotten smile emerged. He happily accepted this gift as he was ready to embark on a new path.


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