Blazing Wind In the Shining Light

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Blazing Wind In the Shining Light

Post by Kaze on Sun Jan 17, 2016 4:11 am


Kaze Ryuenji

Character Skill: (Eternal Blazing Wind) All monsters in your Extra Deck with the Attributes Light, Dark, and Fire are also WIND Attribute in addition to their original Attribute(s). Once per turn during your Main Phase: Target 1 WIND, FIRE, Dark, or LIGHT Synchro Monster you control and one Special Summoned monster your opponent controls; negate the effects of both targets, then, if the opponent's targeted monster has higher ATK than your targeted monster, halve the ATK of the opponent's targeted monster until the end of the turn. Any Battle Damage inflicted through battle with the targeted monsters is halved this turn.


Ace Card(s):
Stardust Dragon & Clear Wing Synchro Dragon

Number(s) Owned

Starlight Sensation

Personality: Kind, Hotheaded, Doesn't like to be accused, Shy, Athletic, loves Turbo Dueling

Biography: Kaze Ryuenji can cocky from time to time despite being a shy person around new people. This is because since Kaze was little (Age 9), he always got pushed away classmates and who he thought were his friends for the fact he had no parents after they died in a car crash. So since everyone always pushed him away because he was different or because they didn't wanna get made fun of for hanging out with an "orphan", it become a hard task for him to making friends and knowing who to trust. He also tends to get into quite a bit of trouble for always getting blamed for something or not knowing how to handle a situation properly. Academic wise he's not the brightest of them all but maintains a solid B- average, and is now part of the soccer team at World's Peak Academy. Although he isn't smart he does very well dueling wise.

Kaze has a special connection with a card in his deck named "Winged Kuriboh" this card was given to him by a friend as a sorry gift for not being able to hangout with him anymore. As much as he didn't wanna keep the card he found it as quite a neat card and couldn't bare to get rid of it. This then started how Kaze got into duel monsters. He believes this game will help him find true friends.

Development Cards:
Stardust Spark Dragon
Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon
Majestic Dragon
Majestic Star Dragon
Shooting Star Dragon
Stardust Spark Chronicle Dragon
Shooting Quasar Dragon
Divine Spark Dragon Stardust Sifr

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