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Ethan Stark

Post by Mr.Doragon on Sun Jan 17, 2016 3:33 am

Name: Ethan Stark
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Character Skill: At the beginning of the duel, before you draw, play "Darkness", "Darkness 1", "Darkness 2", "Darkness 3", "Infinity", and "Zero" from your deck. Darkness cannot be destroyed, even by it's own effect. If "Zero" or "Infinity" are destroyed, send "Darkness" to the grave. When "Darkness" is removed from the field, banish "Darkness", "Darkness 1", "Darkness 2", "Darkness 3", "Infinity", and "Zero" from your field, hand, deck, or grave, and return them to the field during your second standby phase. If you do, halve your life points. Once per turn, during either player's Standby Phase, you can reveal one "Darkness" card, to see your face-downs.

Deck Type: Darkness, Kuriboh
Ace Card:  Darkness Neosphere

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Personality: Ethan is a relatively quiet individual, preferring to be away from a group, but willing to comply for a bit if he needs other people to accomplish a task. Ethan also occasionally takes up an overall emotionless expression and attitude, seemingly showing no care for mostly anything. One thing he does show interest in, however, is dueling. When dueling, Ethan takes up a bit more of a sinister attitude, enjoying victory and destroying his opponent, and not being too fond of the reverse happening.

Biography: Ethan grew up with his mother, his father having dissapeared before he was born. All that his father had left behind was his deck for Ethan to use once he reached the age to start school at World's Peak Academy. And so he did, using the deck his father gave him. Sadly, he didn't do too well, not being able to win many duels, or stand out as one of the top duelists. The latter didn't bother him one bit, having never been too interested in the fame, but the losses are what really bothered him. He wasn't good enough to win with the deck his father had left him, not only that, but it was his father's deck, making him even more ashamed.

      Bordering on the decision to quit, and find a better career doing something else, Ethan stumbled upon a box locked away in a chest. Breaking open the lock, and opening the chest, Ethan found a new deck, this one had a note, mentioning the danger of the deck, and how it had mysterious properties when used. The note was signed by Ethan's father. Putting two and two together, Ethan figured that this deck was his father's real deck, and from that day on, Ethan took it as his own, hiding the fact from his mother. After that day, Ethan began to win his duels, changing his style up to fit his deck, and gaining unwanted attention because of his victories.

    After thinking it over, Ethan had decided that he was going to use the deck, but at the very least, he would inform his mother of him finding the deck, as she had the right to know. Unfortunately, on that same day, Ethan was taken away from World's Peak Academy, and sent to a new world, with just his deck to bring along.


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