Music Is My Sword and My Shield

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Music Is My Sword and My Shield

Post by EmpressBri on Sat Jan 16, 2016 8:37 am

Valyrie Form

Name: Kireina Seijin
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Character Skill:   Dazzle them! As Always.

If you Control No Fusion monster Add One "Fusion" or "Polymerization" From your deck or graveyard to your hand.
Once Per turn, If you fusion summon a Melodious Monster, add a Gem-Knight Monster to your hand.

 Once per turn, If you fusion summon a  Gem-Knight Monster, add a Melodious monster to your hand.

  If your life points are less than your opponents and they control more monsters than you do, You can: Substitute  "Melodious" monsters for any material on a "Gem-Knight" monster or you can substitute a "Gem-Knight" monsters for any material on a "Melodious" fusion monster, also you can banish the fusion materials from your hand,field or grave and fusion summon a "Melodious" or "Gem-Knight" monster. This effect can only be used once per duel.

Deck Type: Kireina's deck is a blend of Beauty and Nobility and relies almost exclusively on Fusion Summoning its monsters. The Gem-Knights provide the main offensive protect their fair maidens as the Melodious monsters grant additional utility that their Knights would not have otherwise.

Ace Cards:
Bloom Diva The Melodious Choir.


Gem-Knight Lady Brilliant Diamond
Number(s): Number 103: Ragnazero->Number C103: Ragnafinity

Swords and Shields, Microphones and Harmony, Is there anything more beautiful?

Personality: Kireina was raised as a rich kid and as such is spoiled beyond belief. Her arrogance is a facade that she will never live up to the expectations of her parents despite her accomplishments. Her father a renowned general within the army has put strict rules onto Kireina causing her to seem cold at times but any who can get through to her will see that she is just as lost and confused in this world as any other teenager. Her mother on the other hand is the definition of vain. Berating Kireina for any split ends, pimples, or blemishes Kireina has developed a large insecurity towards her looks and almost always attempts to outshine and one-up any who she perceives as a threat.

Biography: Kireina is the daughter of a very successful yet now retired Japanese general. Her father Hageshī Seijin was known for his ruthlessness and his results. As can be expected once he retired, the strictness of the battlefield transferred to the strictness of domesticated life. Kireina being the third daughter was born into the shadow of her older brother and older sister. Both quite successful, her brother Hadeshi was a renowned business man have his own company that specializes in architecture. Her sister Kasumi a successful model but mainly the head of an upcoming pharmaceutical company left a lot for Kireina to live up to. She was constantly told of her limits and talked down to. Her mother as vain as she was began to see the toll this lifestyle took on Kireina and enrolled her into the large academy, specifically into the dorms. Here Kireina while away from the pressure of her family was then put under the pressure of school. She quickly rose up the ranks as a top student. She was head of the school's Fencing team, Co-captain of the cheerleaders, a Science honor student but you know math was her weakness cuz she dont care about apples she just wanted the mula. The small league of Duel Monsters was the hardest challenge she had to face. In the occasional school tournaments she would get up to 3rd and 4th place, but she wasn't topping as much as she liked. This caused her to lash out due to remember her father's treatments of her failures and shortcomings awakning the bitch inside of her. She occasionally bumped heads with Rose Blaise but for the most part she ignored the young girl and dominated the upperclassmen of the academy.

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