Oh god, not this guy again.

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Oh god, not this guy again.

Post by Your God on Fri Jan 15, 2016 2:54 pm

"Let's see what Fate prepared for you, hm?

Name: Conrad Ormond
Age:  17
Gender: Male
Character Skill: Twist of Fate: At the beginning of the Duel, activate “Light Barrier” directly from your Deck. Up to twice per turn, you can redo a coin toss for a card you control.
Deck Type: Arcana Force
Ace Card: Arcana Force 0 - The Fool
Number(s): 2cool4them
Deck List: The God of RNG

Personality: Calm and thoughtful, Conrad is an transfer student from Europe who was sent to World’s Peak Academy. As a young fortune teller, he believes in a concept of Fate, which consists of philosophy that everything is already planned and an attempt to knowingly change the course of Fate will bring doom on the one who tries it. He uses his tarot cards to take a look at the string of Fate and determine what is going to happen, altough such prediction is vague at best. Conrad also uses those cards to play Duel Monsters, but other kids didn’t want to play with him, thanks to the fact his cards are just weird and even creepy, even though he doesn't know why, but other than that he was kinda liked, thanks to his ability to look into the “future”, but not enough to make any long lasting friendships.  In addition, he sometimes trips on the floor or bumps into the walls, with his excuse being “occupied with something in his mind”.

Biography: Conrad’s life was quite… uneventful to say the least. Since he was born his parents noticed that he was acting a bit weird. He often cried and flailed his hands around like he was looking for something, which continued to around the age of 6. After that he was suprisingly calm, most of the time just sitting in the room, doing basically nothing, so his family stopped worrying. When he got sent to school for the first time he wasn’t writing, was often silent and was very innactive, to the point of ignoring everything and everyone around him. That changed after first semester, when he finally started to socialize and play with other kids and began to be active during the lessons. This saved him from expelling and sending away to some other place.

Conrad’s parents, although worried, were happy with the sudden change of their son, and so they decided to give him a deck of Duel Monsters card game, which was at peak of popularity in his country. The deck was called “Arcana Force” and featured a Tarot esque cards. Conrad was instantly interested, and very happy, with the gift. Next day when he went to school, he wanted to play with other kids, but after the first duel, which he lost, nobody else wanted to do so. He didn’t understand why, but it wasn’t anything that would bother him. After that, nothing much happened for the next few years, and Conrad was just enjoying the life as it is.

A few years later, his school was hosting a talent show. Conrad, being more familiar with Tarot, decided to sign up, with his talent being fortune telling. Up until now, what he was doing was just a hobby, as he only tried it on his parents and a few kids from his class. In both cases, his predictions came true. Conrad predicted someone being sick and his parents winning a small sum of money in the lottery. Everyone was impressed and actually encouraged him to try it with wider audience. When the talent show began, after many dancers, singers and what not, it was time for Conrad. At first he was standing back to the audience, though he was quickly pointed in right direction by one of the teachers. He took one random person from the audience, which was his homeroom teacher. Conrad drew The Fool in reverse, Wheel of Fortune upright and Hierophant upright. “Those mean that new begining for you is coming, whether you want it or not. At first you will be afraid, but overall you won’t regret it.” With this, the talent show has reached its end and everyone went home, with Conrad’s teacher not paying mind to the prediction. Yet a few weeks later, the principal of the school went to retirement and the Conrad’s homeroom teacher was promoted to his place. As Conrad says “It was already meant to happen, i just told you a bit earlier.”

A few years later he was sent to World’s Peak Academy as an exchange student, thanks to the new principal and good enough grades.
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