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"Step one to understanding the world is knowing that everything you do affects it."

The Theme Song

Step 1: A Piercing Blue

Step 2: Misunderstandings of the Soul

Step 3: One Crashing Heartbeat

Step BATTLE: The Infinitely Travelling Light Within: Revealing Light

Step 4: I am... Argonaut

Step FINALE: Enchanted

Seiya Mikazuki



Character Skill:
"Blood in the Water"
All monsters in your graveyard become Fish-type. The monster your opponent controls with the highest original ATK loses 200 ATK, up to a maximum of 1000 ATK, for each WATER monster in your graveyard. If you control a face-up WATER Xyz monster, the amount of ATK lost is doubled, ignoring the original conditions.

Deck Type:

Ace Card:
Number 73: Abyss Splash Number 32: Shark Drake

Starting Number(s):
Number 73, Number 47, Number 32

Is anime real?

Seiya is a quiet and for the most part, unknown person at World's Peak Academy. You can ask almost anyone at the school who he is, and they'll respond with "he's one of the highest ranking students here! he has great grades! etc!" However, if you asked them to point him out, they probably couldn't tell you the first thing about him. Seiya is only reputably known, but has next to no connections to anybody in the school and prefers to keep himself from meddling in others' affairs.

His ultimate goals include a few things, primarily, understanding the world. Seiya himself is desensitized to basically every emotion from the start, as if a cement mold formed around his feelings and cut the nerves. He wants to be enchanted, or more literally speaking, he wonders if anybody can make him feel. However, due to his inapt sociability, mostly being bored all the time by basically everything, his ability to even make friends is dangerously low. Seiya prefers to read books, mostly mystery, except with one quirk of his own. Seiya never reads the ending. The thing Seiya dreads the most is something so beautiful coming to an end. He doesn't want to know who sent the flowers on that person's doorstep that day. He doesn't want to know who framed Mr. Johnson.

He wants to experience a story, an adventure, an enchanting experience, anything.

Seiya Mikazuki is World's Peak Academy's top student of his class, the eleventh years. Only few surpass him in knowledge; academic or trivial. Truth be told, its not that Seiya studies for his classes or anything, he just has nothing better to do with his time. A subtle lack of friends means he needs a substitute for things like that.

Seiya lives in a family town house, with two older brothers and a younger sister. Both of his brothers did extremely well in classes, causing his parent's to heavily enforce their son to follow a path of academics, which he did. He also learned to fluently speak French, Spanish, and German, as well as learn the violin from a very young age. None of these things made him particularly happy in the end though. His pursuit of engagement was not met, nor was his life goal of being 'enchanted.'

What does it mean to be enchanted? By Seiya, it means somebody to make your heart flutter in every which way in everything they do. Unexpected actions that take your emotions by surprise, what's more, they take hold of your emotions with care, and still look to solve the mystery in your heart. Not particularly love, as he doesn't feel an attachment to that person is necessary. Immense admiration, perhaps.

Seiya read that in a book once, and it's stuck with him ever since. Speaking of reading books, Seiya has loved reading books, especially thriller and mystery novels. He never finishes them though, and when questioned about it by his family, he simply mutters, "I guess I don't want it to end..." Most of his family laughs at his monotonous response, as he finishes his dinner. But he's totally serious, as he probably doesn't have a funny bone in his body. Seiya has two tones, mildly sarcastic, and 100% monotone, neither of which are really distinguishable from the other.

As life progressed, he kept up with his studies, massing a large amount of unfinished novels that he promised himself one day he would finish so that way he could feel the luster and excitement of all of his favorite stories at once. Not that anybody really knows of this little thing of his. Normally all they see is a bored and lifeless expression. His amount of friends is basically 0 because he doesn't really care for anybody at the current time, and nobody particularly cares for him other than overseas colleges looking to extract him from World's Peak Academy and attend their prestigious schools.

Despite his desire to understand emotion and break the stone around his personality, nobody has personally affected him enough to do so, only causing his intense boredom and dislike of humanity to grow a bit larger. Why live in the real world when you can live in the realm of adventure and literature? That's his philosophy anyways.
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