The Setting

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The Setting

Post by Supreme Commander on Wed Jan 13, 2016 1:58 pm

First of all, I don't plan this RP to be something big or long, but I hope it doesn't end up being extremely short either so plan your characters and developement accordingly. It's also the first time I host an RP (except that one time we don't want to talk about) so things will be overlooked and some things might not be handled in the way they should be. Keep that in mind. Also, this isn't supposed to be original so I'm just going to say this right now, there will be alot of cliches and alot of this stuff is heavily inspired by games/anime/manga that i've played/seen/read sometimes to the point of just balantly taking from them with no shame. You've been warned.

"World's Peak Academy, the largest building of the entire world located in Japan. The place where you used to reside. The Academy was built long ago in place of schools to house them all. From Kindergarden to College, it has it all from bottom to the very top of this monstrous building. The main goal of this project was to cut the hassle of multiple different schools and to unite all students alike under one banner as a big family. In this version of modern day Japan, Duel Disks and D-Wheels do not exist, and Duel Monsters are simply a regular card game much like in our real world. However, it's early in it's developement and neither Pendulum Monsters nor Extra Decks exist (Don't leave, this RP isn't restricting the extra deck or Pendulum Monsters, don't worry. This is simply for background reasons). As for you, maybe you were a student in World's Peak Academy, a worker perhaps? Or maybe you were simply passing by, who knows? Regardless, you were caught up in a terrible accident. One day, World's Peak Academy started to disintegrate from the very top of it and nobody knew what the cause of it was. The entire building was collapsing and by either deciding to check it out or simply because debris cut off all other ways you ended up on the roof, greeted by a painful sting in your chest. And then there it was, out of thin air in the blink of an eye you saw weird human-like people dressed as if they were cosplaying anime characters. It looked like they were engaged in combat with someone of much greater strenght than they were, someone that looked like the cause of this sudden destruction of World's Peak. But it doesn't stop there, they appear to be using monsters to fight, and not just any monsters. You know them well, they were Duel Monsters. Even though they outnumbered the obvious evil guy, they were instantly defeated and the villain's gaze set upon you and the group of people that accompanied you. His sinister laugher was the last thing you heard before passing out.

When you and your companions woke up what you saw was like a dream, or rather a nightmare. The entire city was destroyed with not a single stone on stone left. Various creatures roamed about, from mythical werewolves and dragons to weird humanlike figures with additional arms and many others who at first seemed to ignore you but quickly realized you can see them. It appears that what you were able to see is a plane that existed alongside yours since the beginning, and that great calamity happened upon your plane. Apparently in this plane, Duel Monsters is the only way of combat, with the use of Duel Disks and D-Wheels alongside psionic abilities to warp these monsters into Reality.

Now, a great threat looms over you and both planes of existence, you don't know why but the villain you've seen before is now planning to kill, no, murder you lot and it's up to you if you decide to surrender your life, or stop him using all you've learned from this plane."

In this reality ruled by mythical creatures you heard only about in books that you've been so forcefully thrown into, the cards in your deck act as a medium, a blueprint of sorts for the monsters illustrated on them, in conjunction with your newly found psionic abilities (which, just like your character skills originate from the shard of a powerful artifact buried deep inside your body after the incident) give them physical form. How stable, how real and how deadly the monsters are depends on the strenght of your will power, the bigger it is the more real your monsters become, and ofcourse for the weak willed they are simply illusions, or just don't exist at all.
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